About Me

Hey, ya'll! I'm Jill, your friendly neighborhood photographer and proud founder of Each Pet Needs Love Photography.


You may have seen me zooming around the animal shelters and rescues trying to capture the purrsonality of a fur babies up for adoption. Or maybe you saw me making weird and silly noises at animals trying to get their attention “Who's this crazy person?" Or maybe you caught me on one of my extra happy days snapping photos of happy humans interacting with their favorite four-legged family members. They could be throwing a ball around, snuggling or just being silly. These are magical moments. And they will have the memory to keep.


If you haven't seen me do any of those things, perhaps now is your chance. All you have to do is book me as your photographer for your upcoming pet and family portrait needs And then me and my wacko personality is all yours (for at least two solid hours).


Seriously, though. I may play up my kooky personality, but when we're dealing with photography, I mean serious business.

Contact Me

Monmouth County Area


Tel: 732-571-2136

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